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Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

Your Radiology Appointment

We're in proud partnership with the top imaging resources in Central Oregon.

For appointments at St. Charles Bend and Redmond, call:

Please note locations in parentheses for specific tests.
General Radiology: 541-706-7721
CT/PET: 541-382-9383
OB/GYN (Women's Imaging Center): 541-382-9383
Interventional Heart Catheterization (St. Charles Heart and Lung Center): 541-706-7721
Inverventional Radiology/Angiography: 541-706-7721
MRI/MRA Angiogram, MRCP (Central Oregon Radiology Association): 541-382-9383
Nuclear Medicine (Central Oregon Radiology Association): 541-382-9383
Ultrasound (Bend) and Bone Density (DEXA): 541-706-7721
Ultrasound (Redmond - Central Oregon Radiology Association): 541-382-9383
Mammography (Central Oregon Radiology Association): 541-382-9383

For appointments at St. Charles Prineville, call:

CT: 541-382-9383
MRI, Ultrasound or General Radiology: 541-706-7721

For appointments at St. Charles Madras, call:

CT and Mammography: 541-382-9383
General Radiology: 541-460-4032
Ultrasound: 541-706-7721

Your physician's order/prescription must include this information:

  • Patient's name
  • Date of birth 
  • Phone number
  • Test ordered 
  • Diagnosis/reason for exam (include ICD-9 code)
  • CPT code
  • Doctor's signature and printed name