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Intermediate Care Unit

Intermediate Care Visiting Guidelines

We know that family and friends play an important role in the healing process, so we welcome visitors. You'll find a comfortable, welcoming waiting room in our IMCU.

The following guidelines will help you to help us create a healing, therapeutic environment:

  • Reassure and touch your loved one. A reassuring touch may be just what's needed. Ask a nurse for guidance if you're worried about disturbing the patient or interfering with equipment.
  • Help us help your loved one. We welcome your visits, but if there's an emergency or we need to perform a special procedure, you may be asked to leave the room. We'll let you know when you may safely continue visiting the patient.
  • Help us create a healthy environment. Please help us create the most healthy environment possible by staying home if you have — or think you might have — a cold, fever, the flu or were recently exposed to a contagious disease.
  • Children are welcome. Children often bring special energy into the IMCU, but if they're sick, please keep them home until they're well. Ask a nurse for help preparing your loved one when your child arrives for a visit.
  • Designate a family spokesperson to help us communicate. You can help our nurses by selecting one family member to ask for and receive medical information. Please note that federal regulation (HIPAA) prohibits us from providing information without patient consent.