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Community Benefit and Outreach

Community Benefit Grants

Every application for Community Benefit funding must be directed through the Community Health and Benefit Task Force. The role of the task force is to assess each submitted proposal, present findings and recommendations for approval of projects and expenditures and provide guidance to requesting entities and project leads on implementation and reporting.

The distinct requirement considerations of the task force help to narrow down and select community benefit internal and external beneficiaries to assure they meet the overall goals of St. Charles Health System and are supported by community health resources. This integrative approach allows for efficient program development and limits duplication of resources and infrastructure. With enhanced collaboration and communication, St. Charles can maximize its impact on the community.

The St. Charles Health System's Community Benefit department completed the Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) and accompanying Implementation Plans for each of the communities served by St. Charles. These documents can be found on the Community Health Needs Assessment page.

After assessing the different priorities, taking into account the severity of the issue, St. Charles' ability to impact it along with existing community and internal resources and alignment with St. Charles mission and vision, St. Charles Health System has selected the following as strategic priorities for 2013-2016 for the communities served by all four of the St. Charles hospital facilities:

  • Childhood preventive health and education
  • Obesity

How to Apply

If your organization would like to apply for funding, in-kind donations or other contributions for programs or services that meet the Community Benefit priority areas, please contact Community Benefit Strategies Educator, Carlos Salcedo, at or (541) 706-5986. Please see the link below to view the Community Benefit funding applications and guidelines for consideration.

Download Application Form